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I don't need a vehicle, how much is the manpower?
If I vehicle is not needed, as is the case with internal moves, then we calculate the hours based on our smallest truck, We still need to drive to and from the job and normally with trolleys or other materials or equipment.
I only need to move one item, how much will this cost?
Generally we work on a minimum basis of 2.5 hours, however if we can agree on a mutually convenient time to do the job, then this may be reduced on a case by case basis.
Can I travel with the removalists in the truck?
Unfortunately this is not permitted. Our vehicle insurance does not cover us to transport you. In the event of an accident we could be held liable for any injuries caused to you
How long will the move take?
Our removalists are experienced and will move you as quickly and carefully as possible, whilst maintaining a high level of care for your belongings. Each move is different though. Access can vary, as does the distance between addresses. We accept there can be nothing done about this, but where you can assist is with your level of preparation before we arrive. Please see our Tips and Tricks page and over estimate instead of underestimating. This way you will avoid disappointment on the day and give yourself more time.
Do you disassemble/reassemble things?
We are capable and experienced in all tasks associated with moving. We do this everyday and there isn't anything we haven't come across and don't have the right tools for. Remember though, the more you do the less time we take and the cheaper your bill.
Can I help during the move?
Of course you can! It's your choice if you wish to help move or not . "Many hands make light work" as they say...
What if it doesn't fit in one trip?
We have 3 different vehicle sizes with our largest being just shy of 48cubic metres. Our endevour is to provide you with a truck that can fit everything in one load. Please be aware that load sizes vary, as do preparation levels. The better organised you are, the more we can fit in. If we can't get everything in on one load multiple trips may be the only solution. This topic will be discussed at the enquiry stage.
How much notice do you need?
Unlike many other companies we are not restricted to one vehicle. We can therefore normally accommodate jobs whenever you need us. That said, the more notice the better and this can also mean we are more able to arrive at a time when you want us. We also pride ourselves on being able to facilitate last minute rescheduling due to settlement changes and other delays. Let this be our problem not yours!
Is there a penalty for changing the move date once its booked in?
No. There are no additional charges for changing the move date. We accept this as part of our industry but ask that where possible you give us as much notice as possible.
How much notice will Fair & Square Removals give us before arriving?
Every evening we call all the following days customers. We reconfirm the start time and always provide a window of 30mins to one hour to allow for traffic or other delays. We prefer this system so to avoid overpromising. At times, in particular with afternoon bookings , it can be difficult to know an exact arrival time until on the day. We can also call you again on route so you can be there upon our arrival. Good time keeping is a big part of the service we offer.
How do I know they won't stop between addresses?
Our drivers are very honest. As a rule, they will either follow you, or you can follow them to the next address. This way, you will always know what they are doing.
What types of heavy or awkward items do you move?
We move upright Pianos/Pooltables/Spas/Safes and many other items. There is no extra charge for this service, assuming the item can be moved with two people. If extra manpower is required then an additional fee with be negotiated. Please consider this when steps or stairs are involved or where access is an issue.
Why is an hourly rate cheaper than a fixed price?
Fixed Price:
We calculate any fixed price based on the estimated MAXIMUM time we anticipate the job will take. We always allow time for the unexpected such as bad traffic, weather delays, bad access and bad levels of preparation.

Hourly Rate:
Without viewing each property this is the fairest way. With an hourly rate you only pay for the time used. We do not accept payment until the job is complete, demonstrating that we will work quickly and efficiently. It is also an incentive for you to be better organized and means if you are willing to assist then you can bring the overall price down
How does the hourly rate work?
Easy….we charge a 2.5 hour minimum and in 15 minute increments thereafter. We do not round up to the nearest 30 or 60 minutes as with many other companies.
Are there any Deposits/Pre Authorised Credit card details/Upfront costs?
We do not take any form of payment until the job is complete. We want to do what we say we are going to do before we accept any form of payment.
How and when do I pay my bill?
Payment is strictly upon completion of the job and can be made via Cash, Cheque or Bank transfer. Please ensure you have access to the Internet if you opt for the bank transfer. You will be charged as above until payment is received or confirmation of payment can be provided. If we are kept waiting until payment is organised, you will be charged for this time.
Do you work on Sundays and Public Holidays?
We 365 days per year and do not increase our rates. We work on a first come first serve basis so get in quick.
Am I insured?
Fair and Square Removals is fully insured to the level that is required of us. We have transit insurance and public liabilities. For further information regarding insurance please see are WARRANTY page..
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