Moving Checklist

One of the most frequently asked questions is of course…
"how much will it cost"?

Well, the cost of any move is generally estimated by how long we anticipate the move to take, therefore your level of preparation prior to our arrival and on the day will play a major role on the final bill.

Start packing early. A couple of boxes a day in the run up to your move and before you know it the whole house is done.

Decluttering is one of the best ways to assist us. If we can concentrate on moving the larger, heavy, more awkward items, then the process of moving tends to be far quicker therefore cheaper for you. If you are in a position to do so, why not make a few trips between addresses yourself? Fill the car with the smaller looser items or make sure these items are packed into boxes. Moving house is like a big game of Tetris. The bigger and easier the blocks, the quicker we fill the space!

Get a good night sleep. Clear your diary so you can concentrate on the job in hand. Be prepared for a disruptive day and try to take a positive approach to the move. Moving should be an exciting day, you are moving into a new home. It’s a new chapter and with the right attitude and organisation, it can be a fun day.

Dump or donate any unwanted items. Why pay to move it when you don’t want it or even use it.

Avoid doing full grocery shop in the run up to your move. Get creative with those purchases at the back of your cupboards.

Call in some favours… Unlike with some other companies, we have no problem with you, your family or friends assisting with the move. We want the whole experience to be a pleasurable one and as they say, “many hands make light work”.

Feel free to move items towards the primary exit of the house. Moving house is a sequence of “5-6 minute jobs” but 10 of these is an hour and the hours add up.

Where we park makes a major difference to how long the job takes. If parking is restricted then please make space for us, so we can get as close to the property as possible, further reducing time.

If you have lift access at either end of your move, try to organise for the lift to be isolated. In many instances management can provide a key. Sharing the lift with a full block of apartments can significantly add to the length of the job and hit the pocket hard.

Where possible make arrangements for the kids or family pets to be elsewhere on the day of your move. We love them but moving some items can be hazardous.

Please avoid watering pot plants before your move. Not only will it add to their weight and make them more difficult and slower to move, but the water can run, causing damage to other items in the truck.

Use quality boxes, ideally of the same sizes, to pack the remaining home contents. We accept that there is additional expense in buying packing materials, but the best way to save in the long run, is to get the removalists in and out as quickly as possible.

Do not over/under pack boxes. Please clearly mark them, so we can place them in the relevant places, at the delivery address

Leave the sheets to protect your mattresses. You can clean a sheet but cleaning a mattress is more difficult. As a best option you can also buy from us some protective covers that will keep them as new.


Temporary Closure Announcement

This is to advise that until further notice, we will no longer be taking on new bookings. Existing moves will be completed as normal, with no reason for concern for those customers already booked in.

Whilst we understand that this may be an inconvenience to new enquirers, our existing loyal customer base and their referrals, we are taking this time to recharge our batteries, enabling us to come back rejuvenated and reinspired. Management and our Removals teams and all those who support us in our quest to be the best in the industry, have worked tirelessly, some for over a decade but never more so than during the past 18 months. It has been a very challenging period of late and whilst we feel very fortunate to be in the position of having too much work, at a time when many have been struggling, it has also taken its toll.

We take pride in what we do and to deliver the level of service we aspire to and are renowned for, it is a 24/7/365 operation. This is not easy to do consistently at our current capacity and we are not interested in outsourcing where we have less control over the customer experience. The staff who wear the Fair and Square shirts on a daily basis, are our main asset and during a period where quality labour is scarce, costly and in high demand, we do not want to fall into the trap of offering a substandard service, where our brand and your experience will suffer. We have decided to take this time off to give management and our operational staff the time they need, to assist in building and training our existing and future teams and to make other subtle changes to our practices and procedures, our fleet and the technology available to us.

I hope you understand our decision and that we will hear from you again soon in the not-too-distant future.

Emails will still be checked periodically for matters requiring attention.