Specialty Items

Need to move upright pianos, pool tables, safes, spas, office photocopiers and other oversized or awkward items? Contact the Fair & Square “Specialist Items Removal” division.

Here at Fair & Square Removals, we have an outstanding system where no item is too small or fragile to be moved, with help from our “specialist Items Removal” division. This means we have the capability to move upright pianos and pool tables, safes, spas, office photocopiers and many other oversized items.

We have a variety of equipment to assist us in handling and successfully transporting and removing the items.

We understand and know the stress involved in moving heavy, valuable or precious items. So here at Sydney’s Premier Removalist, we pride ourselves on how we take care of such belongings and situations.

At Fair & Square Removals we guarantee our customers 100% Satisfaction!